Champagne gold hose connection

Hose connection is the key part of connecting equipment and hose. When producing and assembling traditional hose connection, the external glue of hose should be removed first, and then the sleeve and joint core should be buttoned and formed. However, when stripping the hose, there is always the possibility of damaging the hose. How to avoid leakage has become the key of the hose joint design.

Hose connection is mainly composed of joint core, sleeve and connector, as shown in figure 1. First of all, we start from the reasonable design of hose joints. The design of hose joints focuses on the design of the joint core and sleeve, which are combined with the hose by means of buckling to form the hose assembly.

Joint core design

The joint core and the hose pressure joint is the key to ensure the connection without leakage. In the joint design, designers often focus on the joint core withhold length, structure, shape, thickness and other parts of the design, ignoring the joint core chamfer withhold part, the design of the detail place such as roughness, these seemingly simple, but in be used actually plays an important role in sealing.

1) tooth chamfer

The joint core is in direct contact with the glue in the hose. The design should not include sharp corners, burrs, etc., as shown in FIG. 2a chamfer 1. If the joint core does not fall into the rounded corner, it is easy to puncture or damage the inner rubber layer when the joint core is inserted into the hose, causing the early leakage of the hose assembly.

Also chamfer 2 sealing effect, after the joint withhold molding, rubber compression hose, partly on the glue to chamfer within 2, formed the seal in chamfering 2 place, effectively increase the hose assembly of the sealing. See figure 2b.

2) profile roughness

As the joint core and the inner rubber layer of the hose are the key to ensure the sealing, the outer round surface of the joint core should be strictly controlled. According to the actual production experience, Ra3.2 is usually required.

3) tooth outer diameter

Joint core design, in order to guarantee the assembly when the joint core and form the interference fit between the hose, the design of joint core diameter should be bigger and the inner diameter of the hose, depending on the inner diameter, can choose between 0.5 ~ 1 mm. Traditional rubber stripping type joint core all tooth contour, but in production assembly, often not easy to assemble, to strip rubber hose joint core, we will design of tooth profile for high range, the last tooth shape of joint core diameter D1 is smaller than other tooth D 0.1 ~ 0.3 mm, as shown in figure 3, effectively solves the problem of assembly.

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