Ⅰ.mounting method of jacket connector:



  1. Saw off the seamless steel tube of appropriate length to remove the burr at the end. Pipe end to axis and the vertical, Angle tolerance is not more than 0.5 °. If the pipe needs to be bent, the length of the straight section from the end of the pipe to the bending part shall not be less than three times the length of the nut.



  1. Put the nut and sleeve on the seamless steel tube. Pay attention to the direction of the nut and the sleeve.



  1. Apply lubricating oil to the thread and sleeve of the preinstalled joint body, insert the pipe into the joint body, and tighten the nut by hand.



  1. Tighten the nut until the sleeve catches the pipe. This turning point can be felt by increasing the tightening torque (pressure point).



  1. After reaching the pressure point, tighten the compression nut by 1/2 turn.



  1. Remove the preinstalled connector body and check the embedding of the edge edge of the sleeve. The visible protruding belt must fill the space of the end face of the sleeve. The sleeve can rotate slightly, but not axial.



7, the final installation, install the actual joint in the body of the screw thread coated with lubricating oil, the gland nut and cooperate with twist to feel tight force increase. Then tighten 1/2 circle installed.



Ⅱ. Installation instructions of jacket connector:



When installing, the adapter shall clean both the inside and outside of the joint connecting with the adapter. The joint must be polished and smooth. Moreover, there should be no bending in the joint between the adapter and the adapter, otherwise there will be leakage in the joint between the adapter and the steel tube. The steel pipe at both ends of the joint of the card sleeve had better adopt the pipe of uniform material, which can effectively prevent leakage.



Embedded steel pipe ferrule connector body, began to tighten ferrule also shoulds not be too large, the strength of the strength should be step by step the card sleeves screw thread tail or two thirds, with wrench the card sets of fastening the can.



Pipe connector of cutting sleeve type – is applicable medium: oil, water, gas and other non corrosive or corrosive medium, sealing pipe joint, with specifications of aluminium tube is more flexible, and pipe connection, has the characteristics of connecting firm, sealing performance is good, thus in the oil refining industry, chemical industry, light industry, textile, national defence, metallurgy, aviation, shipbuilding, etc system is widely used in; Also suitable for all kinds of mechanical engineering, machine tool equipment and other hydraulic transmission pipeline.



Iii. Installation standards of jacket pipe joint:



The jacket pipe joint has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and no welding. The author has summed up some experiences through many years of practice and achieved good results. However, in medium and high pressure hydraulic system, improper operation will often lead to leakage and affect its promotion and use. The best choice for steel pipe is to eliminate the stress annealing of no. 20 precision drawn tube, which is beneficial to insert the inner edge of the sleeve into the outer surface of the steel pipe and play a reliable sealing role.



(1) with



And also, it should not be too heavy. There are mainly card – sleeve longitudinal pipe joint, card – sleeve end – through connection head, card – sleeve type three – way pipe joint and so on.



The correct way to do this is to connect one end of the pipe with what kind of joint body, and the corresponding end with the same type of joint preinstalled, so as to minimize leakage problems. The detailed method is to use a joint body as the matrix, the nuts, cartridges can be pressed on the pipe. The joint with small pipe diameter can be preloaded at the bench length. If when preinstalling, card sleeve deformation is severe, can lose sealing action. After the pipe saw is broken, the pipe should be polished flat on the grinding wheel and other tools, and the burrs should be removed. Special presetters are generally required.



The end surface of parliamentary tube should be flush. The author found that the depth of tapered holes on these joints was often different even if the products were uniformly approved by the unified manufacturer. As a result, leakage was caused, and this problem was often ignored. The inner edge of the sleeve should be inserted into the outer wall of the pipe.



When preparing the pipe, try to maintain the coaxial degree between the pipe and the joint body. If the pipe deviates too much, the sealing will fail.



The pre – installation of automation card sleeve joint is the most important link, which directly affects the reliability of sealing. The tightening force of the 6-10mm clasp is 64-115n, the ivy 16mmr 259N, and the ivy 18mm is 450N. When the pipeline is connected, it shall be assembled according to the specified tightening force.



(2) when connecting the pipeline, it shall be tightened at one time to avoid multiple disassembly, otherwise the sealing function will become worse.



(3) when connecting the pipe, the pipe should have enough deformation allowance to avoid the stretching stress of the pipe.



(4) no stuffing such as sealant is allowed.



(5) when connecting the pipeline, the side force shall be avoided, and the side force shall be too large to seal properly. In order to achieve better sealing effect, some people put sealant on the sleeve, and the result was that the sealant was washed into the hydraulic system, resulting in the blockage of the damping hole of hydraulic components and other faults.

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