The type of hose joint can be determined from the appearance, seal surface form and thread form. Today, the editor explains how to determine the form of the hose joint.

Determine the sealing type of hose joint:

Thread –

– o-rings

– coordinate angles or metal-to-metal connections

– Angle with O – ring and related fit

Screw thread: after the connection of the external thread and the internal thread, the extrusion between the teeth can form a seal.

O-ring: the o-ring on the external threaded joint is compressed to form a seal on the corresponding internal threaded mating surface, usually used in high pressure systems.

Hard sealing with Angle or metal and metal: when the thread is locked, the metal inclined plane of a certain Angle fits together and tightly squeezes together to form a seal after deformation.

Cant with o-rings: this joint will cant metal seal and o-ring seal two ways together, when the lock nut, seal face with each other, and make the o-ring deformation between the two.

Type of thread

Thread type correctly determine using the naked eye, a very hard time, because all kinds of the thread form of joint from appearance looks similar, for the correct resolution will need to use pitch gauge or gauge and other professional measuring tool.

Thread pitch gage

The pitch of thread can be measured directly by using the pitch gauge. Note the difference between metric thread and British thread gauge: the value indicated on metric thread gauge is the pitch of metric thread, while the value indicated on the metric thread gauge is the number of screw teeth within an inch of length.

Caliper method

A vernier caliper can be used to measure the diameter of the outer thread and the path of the inner thread to further determine the thread.

For facilitating the clients to identify threads, parker can provide thread to identify small kit, including thread pitch gage, calipers, thread model, tutorials, etc., as a portable tool, it is the ideal thread identification tools on site. Of course, if you find it difficult to choose the hose fitting type, you can choose a professional company as the technical support.

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