With the rapid development of science and technology, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical industry, sea and space demanding work environment on the strength of the metal material, hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance is put forward higher and higher comprehensive performance requirements. However, it is difficult for a single metal material to meet this working condition. Therefore, the research on the wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant properties of welding joints between different metals has been paid much attention.


The body is the part of a railway train for loading goods or passengers and is the basis for connecting other parts of the vehicle. The vehicle body bears the load of self weight and load, as well as the vertical dynamic load caused by rail impact and spring vibration, which should have high strength and fatigue resistance. In order to extend the service life of the train, the structural steel of the train body should not only have good wear resistance and anti-atmospheric corrosion ability, but also meet the requirements of light weight and beautiful appearance of the train. For this reason, China began to use cu-p series and cu-p-cr-ni series weather-resistant steel to make car bodies in the 1980s. However, the corrosion resistance of weather-resistant steel is not satisfactory, and the corrosion and wear of weather-resistant steel body caused by corrosion and wear is quite serious. Using stainless steel as the material of train body is an effective method to solve the problem of corrosion resistance. Economical ferritic stainless steel is a kind of atmospheric corrosion resistance of the material, due to the Cr content is 13%, thus has excellent corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and low price advantage, is the suitable material, the production of railway train at present abroad has been a large number of applications. But ferritic stainless steel welding performance is poorer, so economical ferritic stainless steel and weathering steel welding after the formation of the dissimilar metal structure as a train car body, will be a good idea to solve this problem.


Corrosion resistance of welding joints with different metals is the key to affect the performance of the whole component. Although in austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, and stainless steel and other metal welding income heterogenic joint weldability and corrosion resistance has been more research, but to train car body common Nirosta 4003, T4003 economical ferritic stainless steel with Q45ONQR1 weathering steel heterogeneous welded joint research of corrosion resistance has not been reported. Although TCS stainless steel with Q450NQR1 weathering steel in dissimilar metal welding as a train car body research also has been reported, but not for a study of corrosion resistant performance. Therefore, needs to carry out the train car body with affordable stainless steel corrosion resistance and weathering steel heterogeneous joint research, to meet the needs of the rapid development of railway transportation in our country.

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