13Jul 2018

As technology innovation, metal hose connector as the green environmental protection product, has gradually replace stainless steel joint occupation of the main hardware market, including metal joint metal hose connectors, hose connectors, plastic coated metal hose connection is well received by the industry and used as the main choice. Although metal hose can be stretched […]

12Jul 2018

According to different criteria, there are many methods for classifying bolted flange metal joints. According to different sealing principles, bolted flange connection can be divided into floating type and metal contact type bolted flange connection. Its typical structure is shown in the figure below. For the floating type flange joints, metal bolt load borne by […]

11Jul 2018

Champagne gold hose connection Hose connection is the key part of connecting equipment and hose. When producing and assembling traditional hose connection, the external glue of hose should be removed first, and then the sleeve and joint core should be buttoned and formed. However, when stripping the hose, there is always the possibility of damaging […]

10Jul 2018

    Ⅰ.mounting method of jacket connector:     Saw off the seamless steel tube of appropriate length to remove the burr at the end. Pipe end to axis and the vertical, Angle tolerance is not more than 0.5 °. If the pipe needs to be bent, the length of the straight section from the […]

09Jul 2018

In industrial applications, this kind of product, stainless steel joint procurement staff when choosing joint if do not have the relevant professional knowledge, is likely to cause purchase model and application needs to have difference, serious damage in engineering quality. Proper selection of stainless steel quick joints: 1. Select the type of joint from the […]

06Jul 2018

The type of hose joint can be determined from the appearance, seal surface form and thread form. Today, the editor explains how to determine the form of the hose joint. Determine the sealing type of hose joint: Thread – – o-rings – coordinate angles or metal-to-metal connections – Angle with O – ring and related […]

05Jul 2018

Joint fittings sort is more, such as single/double card sleeve joint, resin pipe joint, welding head, automatic welding joints, metal fittings, hose seal joint, quick joints, nipple, rotary joint, coupling joint, etc. It is easy to confusion, here to introduce some sub category (elbow, equal tee joint, reducing tee, union, size head) of the concept, […]

04Jul 2018

Stainless steel fittings live longer, more resistant to corrosion, high strength, so as to gradually replace the traditional plastic joint, but if not qualified according to the requirement to use in practice, the advantage of stainless steel joints may become short board, so how is the proper use of stainless steel fittings? Determine the joint […]

03Jul 2018

Metal hoses are widely used in the transmission of dry fuel oil, insulating oil and turbine oil in thermal power plants. Because of the hose medium has high pressure and temperature. Therefore, if the welding part leakage or desorption will cause serious accidents. Metal hose has two inner and outer layers, and the inner layer […]

02Jul 2018

What are the different specifications of metal hose joints? As a kind of pipe fitting product that is often seen in daily life, the use of metal hose joint can be said to be quite extensive and universal. Many people have been exposed to this kind of pipe fittings for the first time and want […]

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