The use of fast metal hose joints should conform to relevant industrial technical specifications. The following factors should be taken into consideration when purchasing:


First, according to the corresponding use environment, the appropriate structure and materials are selected.


Factors such as humidity conditions of the environment, dust condition and corrosion resistance are included to comprehensively consider the type, body material and sealing material of the selected quick joint. If metal hose joints are exposed to chemically corrosive environments, such as salt water or acid gases, stainless steel or brass pipe joints are required.


Second, according to the type and temperature of the fluid, the appropriate structure and materials are selected.


Different types of fluid and body material, sealing materials, need to be equipped with different metal hose quick joint. If it is air, the metal joint made of steel is recommended. If it is water, brass or stainless steel metal joints are recommended. Therefore, when choosing metal hose joints, the consistency of chemical composition, temperature and pressure of fluid should be considered. To avoid the erosion of mineral oil and synthetic fluids, most of the pipe joint adopt plating processing, if there is a rubber seal as pipe connection parts, must ensure that the seal material compatible with fluid.


Third, according to the structure of the automatic switch valve, select the suitable golden flexible pipe joint.


Valves are usually constructed with two – way switch, single – way switch and two – way open. When choosing a metal hose joint, you need to know in advance which type it is. Because in addition to the two-way switch type, fluid flows out of the pipe during separation, it is necessary to select the quick joint of the valve structure suitable for pipe fitting. And withhold type metal hose connection than removable type pipe needs the space is little, weight is 15% smaller than the removable type, can be more economic use of space effectively, reduce the volume and weight of the whole system. Permanent button-down pipe joints are preferred for high pressure piping because removable joints are not easy to install on hoses reinforced with four or six layers of spiral wire.

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